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ProjectOn Meaning2022-03-09
ProjectMaking a Place on the Web - Garden2022-01-04
ProjectMaking a Place on the Web - Home2022-01-04
ProjectMaking a Place on the Web - Tabs2022-01-04
ProjectMaking a Place on the Web2022-01-04
ProjectType in Flux - What Is Here Now2021-10-26
ProjectDS3 Collection2021-10-22
EssaySystems and Selves of the Chinese and the West2021-10-16
Map of ConceptPhenibut2021-10-02
EssayWhy Shit Is Fucked Up And What We Might Do About It2021-09-04
PageRichard Bartlett2021-09-02
ProjectFalling In Love With The World2021-08-23
Map of ConceptHappiness2021-08-22
Map of ConceptMDMA2021-08-22
Map of ConceptRelevance Realisation and the Perennial Problems2021-03-14
Map of ConceptTruth2020-11-20
PageTo Consume2020-11-11
DefinitionDigital Garden2020-11-10
EvergreenTruth is ungraspable2020-10-13
DefinitionAccidental vs Absolute Reality2020-10-12
EvergreenTruth rests in absolute reality2020-10-12
Map of ConceptModelling Reality2020-10-12
EvergreenOur beliefs are our truths2020-10-03
DefinitionTwo World Mythology2020-09-16
EvergreenCommon truth is found through the collective2020-09-06
EvergreenPhysical units are residues of human interaction2020-08-15
EvergreenWhen a simulation reaches the complexity of that which it's simulating, it transcends onto the same plane of existence2020-08-10
DefinitionCommon Reality2020-08-09
DefinitionFull Reality2020-08-09
EvergreenOur mind holds only a simulation of reality2020-08-09
EvergreenSimulations are lower resolution gestural reproductions of reality2020-08-09
EvergreenThe computational medium is simulation2020-08-09
EvergreenEverything stands in relation to everything else2020-08-06