Type in Flux - What Is Here Now


Type in Flux is a project for my Type III class. The prompt was to create a moving poster that was at least 30 seconds long.

I created an imaginary event related to the meditation style I’m currently practicing: shi-ne, or opening awareness.

The instruction for shi-ne are as follows:
Remain uninvolved.

The practical focus for me at the moment include a few other framings, which is to be effortless, to ‘rest in the gap between thoughts’, and to remind myself of Loch Kelley’s question: “What is here now when there’s no problem to solve?”

We had to present two options for the poster with a rough storyboard.

Below is the first.

Option 1 — State 1

Option 1 — State 2

Option 1 — State 3, end state

I ultimately went with option 2, and what I landed upon was a round format, because it felt closer to how I actually experienced the mind.

Option 2 — Static Poster

The animation (https://vimeo.com/639349413) attempts to depict the process of shi-ne. I’m not satisfied with how accurately it conveys the particularities of the practice, but I think it’s a decent attempt that moves in that direction (as distinct from the ‘focus on the breath’ styles).