Truth is ungraspable


The really real and the truest truth is ungraspable by human beings. Our minds are limited, holding but a simulation of reality, capable of only producing low-res thoughts and concepts.

It makes sense that the most profound experiences (e.g psychedelic, spiritual etc) are totally ineffable.

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"There is no reason to expect the reality of immeasurable and unbounded life to satisfy your puny little thoughts." (Sawaki From Kōshō Uchiyama, Opening the Hand of Thought (OtHoT), chapter 6

If satori arises from any preconception of satori, that satori will not be reliable. True satori does not rely on concepts of satori, but comes from far beyond conceptualisation […] Know that satori is not an entity that exists. (Dogen From OtHoT, chapter 4

Life functions and the power of buddha is actualized, precisely at the point where we become completely From OtHoT, chapter 3

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There are many interpretations of truth.

Definitions and Properties


From C - Awakening From the Meaning Crisis
Truth is that which remains invariant within a multitude of variance.

This is what science aims to do - across all variations, what are the real patterns that still remain?

From B - Opening the Hand of Thought

  • E - Truth rests in absolute reality

Truth is Ungraspable

  • E - Truth is ungraspable

Logical Truth

  • Categories and Similarity. ‘True’ similarities are not what define categories.

Understanding and Truth

  • Understanding and Truth

Getting There

  • E - Our beliefs are our truths
  • E - Common truth is found through the collective
  • E - Morality serves reputation, not truth


We are the blind who tries and figure out the elephant by touch.

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