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  • don’t be stupid with MDMA!! While it’s not physically addictive, it can be psychologically addictive.

  • reads:

    • MDMA as a Tool for Healing Trauma (8 min)

    • What MDMA Therapy Did For Me (28 min) - a fantastic account of his experience with MDMA in a therapy setting

      And then, about 20–30 minutes later [after my second dose]

      It hit me like a Cat 5 hurricane, and everything in my life changed.

      Trying to describe the MDMA experience to someone who hasn’t done it, is like trying to explain The Matrix to someone who hasn’t seen the movie.

      The best way to describe it: I felt true love.

    • @UntilTrees experience seems to be similar to what’s described here

Below are tweets to get a flavour for what MDMA has done for people.

Interesting discussion - some highlights:

  • She’s linked her experience here - it’s a good, short read (with some critical warnings)

  • MDMA is risky in that it might make you jump into things that you might regret