Everything stands in relation to everything else


Everything is linked to everything else. Nothing in this universe can stand in absolute irrelevance to everything else, as its irrelevance is defined by it’s relationship between it and everything else. Everything acts as a constraint to everything else.

Pure chaos is impossible, as is pure formlessness.

Think of yin/ yang.

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A unit is a collection of systems that form a stable part of a larger system (such as a city).

A unit itself could be thought of as a static system as it’s something fixed, making it an identifiable feature that defines something like a city.

Units are never stand-alone entities that aren’t either directly part of a system or a parameter: everything stands in relation to everything else.

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From A - A City is Not a Tree

In fact, I claim that whatever picture of the city someone has is defined precisely by the subsets he sees as units.

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