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The digital garden is a personal, wiki-like space collecting ever growing, in-process notes. It’s like a far less polished blog - more wild, densely tangled and interlinked.

I’m aiming to hook as many of these atomic notes together as possible, creating surprising and novel connections between ideas and fields overtime.

Joel Hook’s short post describes it well.

I first discovered it through one of the forerunners of the space, Andy Matuschak, who does brilliant work on note-taking, learning and tech.

Using Obsidian, Nick Milo’s LYT system and incorporating a spaced repetition system with Anki has, dare I say, changed my life. It enables me take notes that generate (by orders of magnitude) richer and deeper ideas, questions, and comprehension than ever before. I also have a system that I can trust on for hopefully years, if not decades.

This digital garden shows a section of that output.

If you’d like more articles on Digital Gardening, check out Maggie Appleton’s repo - Maggie, who is also in her own right a fantastic gardener.

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My current primary focus is on the idea of ’bloomscrolling to awakening.’ Everything else emanates from this.

Understanding systems, history, human nature, various models - becoming informed.

Spirituality - inner work, self-self dimension.

Digital tools - action.

This is my digital garden that’s hooked up to my own note-taking system with Obsidian. My computation + design work lives here.

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