Common truth is found through the collective


Things like science is established on the basis of collective judgement and belief.

“Common” is used in the sense of common reality. If everyone agrees that something is true, regardless of its ‘cosmic’ truth or fullness of reality, it becomes the truth for us.

Reason doesn’t help us reach undeniable ‘truths’, but gives our most reliable method for having the largest amount of people reach the same conclusions.

What we deem real often has to be checked with disconnected others as evidence of our own version.

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There are many interpretations of truth.

Definitions and Properties


From C - Awakening From the Meaning Crisis
Truth is that which remains invariant within a multitude of variance.

This is what science aims to do - across all variations, what are the real patterns that still remain?

From B - Opening the Hand of Thought

  • E - Truth rests in absolute reality

Truth is Ungraspable

  • E - Truth is ungraspable

Logical Truth

  • Categories and Similarity. ‘True’ similarities are not what define categories.

Understanding and Truth

  • Understanding and Truth

Getting There

  • E - Our beliefs are our truths
  • E - Common truth is found through the collective
  • E - Morality serves reputation, not truth


We are the blind who tries and figure out the elephant by touch.

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Modelling Reality

Reality Proper

  • D - Full Reality

  • D - Common Reality

  • D - Accidental vs Absolute Reality

  • D - Realness


  • D - Simulation

  • E - When a simulation reaches the complexity of that which it’s simulating, it transcends onto the same plane of existence

  • E - Simulations are lower resolution gestural reproductions of reality

  • E - Our mind holds only a simulation of reality

  • E - The computational medium is simulation


  • Truth MOC


  • E - Given the same input, context changes the output

  • E - Everything stands in relation to everything else

  • E - Physical units are residues of human interaction

  • E - Common truth is found through the collective

Full Models

  • SPIO Model MOC