Accidental vs Absolute Reality


There are two kinds of from Kosho Uchiyama's Opening the Hand of Thought :

Accidental/ Chance


  • I’m pouring myself tea.
  • I’m born in a certain country, in a certain time period, to certain parents etc.

There’s no absolute, cosmic reason why these facts are so, making them ‘accidental’.

Absolute/ Undeniable

Things that happen in all versions and permutations, that don’t change with any resistance, opposition, or denial.

All living things die.

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Truth rests in absolute reality

Truth is that which does not change under variance - it lives in absolute reality.

We ought to live in harmony with such truths. Anything rooted in accidental reality will inevitably collapse.

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Any real or absolute truth must consist of living out our lives in accord with the inescapable realities that come no matter how much we oppose them. […] If happiness means having plenty of money and good health, then by that very definition, you're only going to hit rock bottom when it's your time to From Kōshō Uchiyama, Opening the Hand of Thought, chapter 1

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Created On: 2020-10-12 from B - Opening the Hand of Thought
Last Updated On: 2020-10-12